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Welcome to my affiliate program! 🎉 

Share my products with your audience and business besties and earn extra cash! Here's everything you need to know about making passive income with my products:

  • 👉  You will earn a 40% commission on every sale generated from your affiliate link.
  • 👉  Your affiliate links have a 6 month cookie length. This means if someone clicks your link now and buys within 6 months, you'll get your due commission as long as yours was the last affiliate link they clicked
  • 👉  You will receive your payout within the first five calendar days of each month via PayPal (following a 30 day waiting period)

How to access your Affiliate Links:

  1. Log into your MemberVault Account or sign up for a free account here
  2. Click on your profile/account name (top right of your screen).
  3. Click on 'Affiliate Center'
  4. Locate your Affiliate Products and unique affiliate links.
  5. Verify you have the correct product. Copy and share your affiliate link with your audience.

Here's how to access your Affiliate Center:

Here's what your Affiliate center will look like:

How do I get paid out for referrals?

In your Affiliate Center, you will find your payout amount, # of clicks, and # of conversions. You will also see the details regarding any Pending Commissions you are owed and any Past Commissions paid.

If you referred any sales, I will email you a summary of your earnings and to verify your Paypal email via the email you have on file for your MemberVault Account. You will receive your payout within the first five calendar days of each month via PayPal (following a 30 day waiting period). At this time I only offer payouts via PayPal.

Promote your Links

Remember to disclose your affiliate partnership when using an affiliate link.

Social Media
  • Share your link on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube Description, etc.) I created some Pinterest graphics for you below but you can also create graphics in your own branding.
  • Add your affiliate link to your Instagram Link - If you use or have a custom Instagram menu on your website, you can add your affiliate link
  • Post your affiliate links in Facebook Groups when you see posts looking for recommendations
Website and Blog
  • Write about your personal experience with the product in a review or blog post on your website
  • Include your affiliate link on a "Resources" or "Products I Love" page on your website - This is a key place to add your affiliate link! When your website visitors are looking for recommendations, they head to your resources page first!
  • In your blog sidebar. Utilize the traffic to your blog by adding one of our tall Pinterest graphics into your sidebar and insert your affiliate link. Just upload it to your sidebar and add your affiliate link to track your commissions.
Email Marketing
  • Include the link in newsletters or promos to your email list
  • Add a link into your welcome sequence or any relevant freebies, lead magnets, or email courses - Emails are one of the best ways to increase your clicks + conversions. See if you have any live email sequences that you can organically add your affiliate link into!
  • Offer your own bonus or add an incentive when someone purchases through your affiliate link - If you want to encourage your audience to use your affiliate link instead of someone else’s, you can add your own bonus incentive. For example, you could say “If you purchase [INSERT PRODUCT/S] through my affiliate link, you’ll also get [INSERT BONUS HERE - i.e. FREE access to e-book, a FREE 30 minute strategy call with me, etc]” 
  • Share your affiliate links with your clients when they ask for recommendations or resources

A few additional notes:

  • If you haven't received your affiliate payment please shoot me an email at I may still be waiting to hear back from you to confirm your PayPal email address.
  • If someone clicks your affiliate link for a specific product but decides to buy a different product of mine than what was promoted to them, you would still receive credit for that purchase

Products to Promote

1. Canva Template Shop Success Kit ($147)

  • ➡️  Learn how to sell and design Canva Templates
  • 40% commission: $58.80 
  • Promo Graphics

2. MemberVault Product Setup Kit ($97)

  • ➡️  Learn how to grow your Business with MemberVault
  • 40% commission: $38.80 
  • Promo Graphics

3. All Access Pass Template Hub ($167)

  • ➡️  Access the entire shop in one place
  • 40% commission: $66.80
  • Promo Graphics

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